Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Loving & Feeding Update!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Believe me, it isn’t for lack of eating and loving. ;) Mostly, I’ve been focusing my energy on my business/work life. And my home -- as in, decluttering on a fairly massive scale.

It would be difficult to understate how important my physical space is to me. I feel down, sad and frazzled when it’s very messy or just has too many objects in it.

So several months ago, I started giving away a lot of things, then had a massive yard sale, which forced me to clear out more. And I’m still not near completed but it’s getting there. I can’t help feeling like until it’s all decluttered and streamlined to the maximum, I won’t make a lot of further progress in any other area of my life. Maybe that isn’t true, maybe it’s just an(other) excuse to live less large than I know I’m capable of in the present. It feels true, though. Doesn’t mean it is.

My eating has been up and down. When I look at it, it’s fairly radically up and down now that I think of it. Like yesterday, I had a large fruit and spinach smoothie for bfast which lasted me until after noon. Then I was out and about and ate . . .a tiny, tiny bag of Cheetos. Yes, I said Cheetos. Then for dinner I had a delicious mango/avocado/celery salad. Just those things and a little sea salt. deliciousness in a bowl. After dinner I had vanilla ice cream (hey, at least it was the gourmet kind without crap in it) with fresher-than-fresh strawberries from my neighbors patch, almonds and freshly concocted chocolate syrup made from agave and raw cacao.

All in all . . .nom nom nom!!

Bottom line though: It’s been almost exactly one year since I went high (for me) raw and lost 20 pounds. I’m within 3-4 pounds of the weight I was then and when things tip too far up, I know what to do and I do it. It usually involves giving up one very fattening thing for a while, not too hard. Smoothies and raw eating are permanent ways of loving myself though -- this I know. (She said, after pausing to slurp down some banana, spinach, strawberry, hemp seed smoothie.)

How are you loving yourself today?

p.s. The photo is Chocolate Avocado Pudding with the famous Neighbor Strawberries! nom!

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