Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let That Be a Lesson To Us All! or “Don’t eat junk!"

Hey, we all succumb to the siren’s song of cake or pastries from time to time . . .and I hate to tell you this, but the better you eat, the less tolerance your body may have for the crapola foods.

I asked my boyfriend if I could reprint an email from him -- he sent this to me today. He’s been about 60% or so (I’d estimate) raw since last summer. He’s lost about 30 pounds and feels great most of the time.

Nah, I’m not in any way perfect with my diet, far from it, but I, too, feel not-so-good when I eat junk. What’s “junk?” I like Michael Pollan’s definition: If it doesn’t rot, it isn’t food (or something like that.) I figure if it will take weeks and weeks to rot, like that “celebration cake,” then it isn’t very good for me.

Let this email be a lesson to us all! :)

Here’s his email:

Ciao cara,

We just had a brief “celebration” at 12:30. (I had no idea what it was for or that it was happening until after our meeting at 11am) When I went down there it was the entire team … and more people that I didn’t know … to celebrate two people having babies.

ANYway… Someone said, “there’s no lard or anything bad in the cake. So it’s good for you!” Yeah right.

But I had some anyway.

Two things about that:

First, it was cake so it tasted like cake and sugar and all that “good” stuff. But I had a mango about 45 minutes earlier and it tasted so much better than the cake. The cake tasted so … you know… refined. I think our raw and/or natural desserts are way better.

Second, my body reacted almost right away and it’s not feeling too good. So far it hasn’t gotten bad but I think my body is at the point where if I feed it junk it immediately responds with its own version of “Something wicked this way comes”.

That is all.


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