Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to Food & Love!

Hi everyone,

Welcome. Some of the best decisions I've made haven't been thought out very well. heh. I hope this is one of those. I feel I've begun a really important (to me anyway) journey to health and happiness, and decided to create a space to share what I'm learning.

The title of my web journal ("blog" sounds like a the name of a creature from some black lagoon, or better yet, from the depths of a spirulina and blackberry smoothie), is Feed Me, Love Me.

I thought I'd best explain that the title because I know when one is having food issues, one always hears things like "food isn't love" and "it's best to learn to separate the two", right? Well, I disagree. I've been lucky to spend some time living in the household of a natural foods caterer and if her food wasn't edible love, I don't know what was! The night I moved into her household was a little rough for me emotionally.

As I was sitting on my bed starting to cry, I heard this sweet voice from downstairs, "Kim, would you like some peaches with cashew cream?" Well, yes, yes I did want some of that, and that was "peaches and cashew cream" but it was also Love.

I don't think we are well-served to separate love from food. Good, healthy, nurturing food is and can be Love. Nothing wrong with that. Where we go wrong is when we start to believe the food can solve emotional problems . . .well, huh. Actually, maybe it sort of can. I mean, if we are eating whole, healthy foods, prepared in ways that actually build us up rather than cause disease and tear us down, isn't that loving? Isn't that emotionally healing?

But what I'm talking about is when we think the not-healthy foods will somehow rescue us from hard emotional times. They won't, not in the long run. I'll get into that later but I'm an expert on it, suffice to say.

Anyway, welcome to Feed Me, Love Me. I hope you'll drop by for a green smoothie and a chat now and then, or maybe even a fair trade coffee and organic cow's milk latte.

Now go love yourself, eat something healthy and yummy!

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  1. I agree that eating healthy foods is one of the best ways to love myself! :)