Thursday, January 22, 2009

Melange De Yum.

Nutty, clean, sensual, earthy, Spring in a Bowl. My lunch today was extremely hastily assembled. After business in the morning, I had time to stop by home before afternoon business in the "big city." Time enough to grab a quick and healthy lunch. Lacking any notion of what I'd eat, I began to forage the cupboards, freezer and fridge.

The search revealed some gorgeously seductive Swiss Chard, a utilitarian but tasty frozen organic veggies mixture of corn, green beans and carrots, some edamame, and raw cashews. I've been eating a lot of raw foods lately, but my body wanted something warm and cozy. I scooped some ghee into the frying pan and added about a cup of the veggie mixture, a small handful of the soy beans, and a couple leaves of Swiss Chard. A few minutes later, when all was warmed, I sprinkled some chopped cashews on top, and finished with drizzle of toasted sesame oil.




I really need to throw things together more often. Viva Creativity!

Now go love yourself,

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